4 Reasons Why a Tune Up of Your Garage Door Opener Parts is a Good Idea This Summer

Applying Oil to a Chain of a Garage Door Opener.

Tens of thousands of people are injured by garage doors each year. There are a number of moving parts, so it’s vital to make sure each one is moving smoothly. An annual tune-up of your garage door opener parts can prevent accidents later on.

Read on for more information on why this routine maintenance is a good idea!

Why You Should Schedule a Garage Door Opener Parts Inspection

While many people like to do household maintenance themselves, there are somethings better left to pros. Your garage door is large, heavy, and difficult to work with. An experienced garage door repair company knows what to look for and how to fix the parts safely.

Is this something you’re considering for the future? See why this summer is the best time to tune up garage door opener parts.

1. Take Advantage of the Weather

Nobody likes working outdoors in the cold. Summer is the perfect time to perform garage door maintenance. There’s more sunlight to work with, and it’s easier to cool off with a fan than it is to warm up with a portable heater.

Since the garage is relatively exposed to the elements, pick a season that’s comfortable to work in.

2. Avoid Costly Repairs Down the Road

The most important reason to tune up garage door openers is to prevent failures later on.

Because garage door opener parts are all connected, if one thing breaks, it can cause a domino effect. This will cause more damage and be more difficult and costly to repair than replacing one item before it breaks.

A regular tune up will check each part to see if everything is working properly. If something is damaged or worn, it’s best to replace or repair it before it causes problems.

Since the average garage door opens and closes more than a thousand times per year, you want to get ahead of problems before they start.

3. Prevent Unnecessary Injuries

As we mentioned, this is a big, heavy piece of equipment that can cause serious damage. Between crushed fingers between panels or the door itself falling on someone or something, this is not an area of the home to neglect.

In addition, there are certain risks that come with a repair. Garage door springs, in particular, are a hazard to work with, which is why it’s best to hire a professional.

4. Get Ready for Next Winter

One of the worst times to have your garage door fail is in winter.

If the door can’t open or close, you can’t use your garage. During winter, this means your car is exposed to the elements. This makes shoveling more difficult, and can even prevent plows from doing their best work if you have to park on the street.

Scheduling a tune-up for your garage door opener before winter saves you this hassle.

Finding the Right Garage Door Repair Company 

There are a few factors to choose the right company for your garage door opener parts repair.

First, look for someone local who can get to your home quickly in case of emergency. Next, check online reviews to find someone trustworthy who knows what they’re doing.

If you’re in the Sandy, Utah area, give us a call to see how we can help you.

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